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Buddhism prostitution

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April 1, by arunlikhati. A few months ago I blogged about sex work and Buddhismas Buddhism prostitution was related to Buddhism prostitution issues that had bubbled up in Cambodia at the time.

I unsuccessfully tried to pull together some thoughts on the subject. I am very interested in discussing issues related to sex work because they are all at once highly politicized, ridiculously complex, rarely discussed and also very personal. Shravasti DhammikaVen.

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In the previous postI asked whether sex work is a misfortune of fate or a simple choice. Both points of view have been described within Buddhist frameworks. Kieu is drawn into sex Buddhism prostitution against her will, and she is only redeemed once her karmic slate has been wiped clean. To this day Vietnamese sex workers Buddhism prostitution compare their lives to the tale of Kieu.

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Shravasti Dhammika discusses sex work only in terms of a choice. Roughly speaking, we can say that there are two types of prostitutes: The intention of the first is probably just to survive and is therefore kammically far less Buddhism prostitution than the second whose motive might be greed, laziness or lack of self-respect.

The first is not willingly involved in wrong livelihood while the second clearly is. Dhammika leaves out the most tragic end of the sex worker spectrum: That said, his divisions seem more to relate what he has read in the Pali Canon Buddhism prostitution less to provide insight into the nature of prostitution.

Buddhism prostitution the following three commentators, Ven. Dhammika explicity frames prostitution in terms of karma; I am curious to know whether he feels that trafficked sex workers are also committing negative karma.

In Women in Buddhism: Question and AnswersVen. Dhammananda Bhikkhuni also notes the unwholesomeness of prostitution, but adds that sex workers should not be looked down upon.

Buddhism does not support prostitutes. On the contrary it points out that prostitution Buddhism prostitution an unwholesome act. Buddhists do not look down upon prostitutes.

If they choose to practice dharma, they have an equal, if not better chance to become enlightened. You will hear similar words from a Dharma punk. Just today I ran across a passage on sex work by Noah Levine in his book Against the Streamwhere he discusses right livelihood.

He alludes to Buddhism prostitution moral complexity surrounding sex work, but as with Vens. Dhammika and Dhammananda, he places the profession within the realm of wrong livelihood. Working in the sex industry as a stripper, prostitute, or purveyor of Internet porn is perhaps a more subtle form of wrong livelihood.

Sexuality is natural and sex for sale is an ancient profession, but, again, if we look deeply, it is not hard to see that the lust that motivates such an industry has negative effects on both the workers and the customers.

At the very least, participation in the sex industry is dependent for profit on lust and attachment, the very causes of suffering and dissatisfaction for people.

I only know one Buddhist sex worker. But I assume Buddhism prostitution are more out there.

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