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Who is the patron saint of hope

Good Video 18+ Who is the patron saint of hope.

To cope with the daily pressures, try looking to the lives of some of the great saints for inspiration and help. We spoke with women of all ages, from different walks of life, and they all have one thing in common: After hoping for a child for several years, Caroline turned to St. A humble woman full of life, Saint Opportuna was a 13th-century abbess who is quite efficacious in helping women get pregnant.

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A number of couples desiring a child have seen their wishes granted through her powerful intercession. Every evening during our prayers, we confided in St.

Opportuna our desire to have a baby. Opportuna was one of its first Abbesses. That gave us a lot of strength, and allowed us to stay united during the long months of waiting. After two and a half years, we finally had the pleasure of expecting our little bundle. Opportuna is still present in our prayers today. The act of praying daily with her husband to St.

Once a woman becomes a mother, the fears and the worries continue, often growing in depth. I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who showed great devotion to the Virgin and who told me to confide in her in any situation. As Maria explains to us with a touch of amusement: For me, she is the example of love and grace.

At the tender age of 18, Marie-Alix, a student nurse, is still far from being preoccupied with Who is the patron saint of hope of busy moms. However, she worries a lot about the future of our society and the 2, years of Catholicism that have been put to the test over the last few years in France.

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Joan of Arc, pray for us and save France. Joan of Arc is important to me for making sure our religious values are respected. There are times when one life touches another by the grace of God. Isabelle is 53 and a mother of 3 children.

She is also an oblate in a religious community. Who is the patron saint of hope a young girl, encouraged by her grandmother, she chose to pray to St. I pray to them, who suffered so much, during difficult times — for example, during health scares.

I also ask for their intercession to increase my faith and my humility in the service of my brothers and sisters. When she was little, Isabelle asked her parents why they had not called her Bernadette. And everybody forgot the incident. The patron saint of the novitiate was… St.

Just a few months later I donned my habit and took the name of Sister Marie-Bernadette. Enora is expecting her fourth baby after welcoming a handicapped child into the family.

Despite some painful moments, she still draws her strength from St. Rita, from whom she always seems to find energy and comfort. In her own personal struggles, she never gave up on God and always confided in him.

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I love to think that my daily life is sometimes closer to hers than to other saints like St. Teresa whose lives seem more removed from my own.

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I pray the novena of St. Rita especially during tough times. Before becoming saints, these women of God were ordinary, just like us. They had their moments of hardship and joy, their emotions, and their daily lives. Rita had lived my daily life as a wife with a husband who was not on the same spiritual journey.

She inspires me because she experienced the same life as a mom with children who were not always easy and who gave her a lot of cause for worry.

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We have been through a lot with the double handicap of our son. Asking for her intercession has helped me a lot. The lives of saints are our lives … in strength, in beauty, in light. They reflect our lives in the light of Jesus Christ. We should never forget that we are all called to become saints. We should also remind ourselves that we all start off with the same unique foundation: The question is what shall we do with this love? How should we respond to such a challenge?

So when everything gets complicated, perhaps we should learn to humbly rely on the tenderness of these saints, who are close to us because they understand our joys and our sufferings.

Who is the favorite saint you turn Who is the patron saint of hope in times of hardship or happiness?

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