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Dylan phoenix pornstar

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Dylan was wonderful to talk to, just a well rounded woman who I am thankful that I got to know a little bit. We talked about that for a little bit and we also touched on how determined Dylan is to make her own identity in the adult industry. From talking to her for about an hour, I think that she has the right attitude, the right look and the right work ethic to be a success! I grew up in Vegas and am still living here.

Growing up, in school, people knew who my mom was and so I had a lot of sexual everything growing up. I found out when I Dylan phoenix pornstar 5 or 6. No, because what I saw when I was younger, I would walk into the editing room and see a naked chick on the screen.

It was interesting and then I grew up being so Dylan phoenix pornstar to it. With your mom being in porn, did that influence you one way or the other to get into the industry? No, I think it just made me ok with everything and anything sexual. You know shenanigans are Dylan phoenix pornstar to go down.

We were fooling around in front of others but then we migrated to the bedroom and people started to disperse. One of my first times with a girl was shortly after I lost my virginity. We were in the same group of people and we just hung out a lot and we were sexually attracted to each other, obviously.

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It was not what I expected at the time. I was a little surprised by it and she walked me through it very well. I thought it would be mechanical and Dylan phoenix pornstar would figure it out on the spot but I had no idea what I was doing.

I dropped out when I was 16 or 17 and I got into hair school. Right about then, I started figuring it out. I would go to a party or something like that and I would get freelance work by flirting with photographers.

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I think that completed the whole package. Ultimately, I moved back to Vegas for a brief hiatus.

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I absolutely fell in love with it. I loved the attention I got from it and I loved all the naughty imaginary perversion I got from it. I would get into a dance with a guy and start thinking about all these dirty things. You can do foreplay teasing but in private dancing, certain Dylan phoenix pornstar have champagne rooms. I work at the only club in Vegas that is fully nude and a fully stocked bar in the same building.

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So what was your first scene like? My first scene was for Zero Tolerance. Mike Quasar directed it. It was an orgy. It was the most fun thing I have ever done.

It was my first Dylan phoenix pornstar ever. It was so much fun. I got on set and everyone was super nice. There was immediate sexual chemistry.

Did it come naturally to open up and face the camera, all these little things that girls in the industry have to do? That was interesting for me. Thank Dylan phoenix pornstar for Billy on that set. He helped me and once I figured out the angles and how it would be seen.


By the 2 nd or 3 rd scene, I was opening up fairly well according to directors. No, it was Bill Bailey. I can give you the lineup right now. Bill was the one who gave me my first on-screen orgasm, which was wonderful. It hits my g-spot perfectly!

How did you come up with your stage name? One would think that you would use Connor as your last name. Honestly, as far as picking a last name and not picking Connor. I Dylan phoenix pornstar to go in the industry and I wanted to be somebody for being me. I wanted to be somebody because of my ability, not because of somebody else.

I love the mythology. I love their love and lust and rising from your own ashes and recreating yourself.