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Feel like giving up on hookup

Nude photos Feel like giving up on hookup.

Have you ever had a project that felt so impossible that you just want to give up? You are so despondent that you no longer care about all the effort you have put in. Maybe part of you agrees with them. I go through this too.

Sometimes I despair of myself and my prospects as a writer.

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You can learn all you need to know about being a good writer by reading and looking at those books through the eyes of a writer. They were also dedicated to their writing in their teens and twenties when I was out and about being the ultimate party girl. In my low moments I wonder is it worth it.

There is a Buddhist expression which says that the night is darkest just before the dawn.

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There is another line in the Buddhist scripture that says:. It is when our journey is at the hardest point, where we are the most tired, when the world feels against us that we are tempted to give up.

But if we can only keep going through these tough times then we exponentially increase our chance of achieving our goals. If we give up, our chance is zero.

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So how can you keep going when you feel like giving up? Acknowledge that you have come to a difficult part in your project, that it might be emotionally difficult or it might be tiring.

Look back and see how far you have come. Congratulate yourself for the progress you have made so far. Then acknowledge that you are on a steep part of the curve but it will be worth the effort in the end. Have you ever ridden a bike up a hill? The closer you get to the top the harder it gets and the temptation to stop peddling grows. But if you can just Feel like giving up on hookup going for a little longer you will reach the summit.

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The view and sense of satisfaction will be amazing and you can free wheel down the other side. Like the bike ride, you have to go low and slow. Only focus on the immediate task. Make a list of the next few micro steps to get the current task done. Then give yourself the satisfaction of ticking each one off as you do it. Research has shown that physically ticking items off a to-do list boosts our self-esteem. This is what I do every week when I sit down to tackle another section in the edits of my novel.

Then read the feedback.

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Now start at the next section. By breaking it down into pathetically small pieces I can start. I try to view the edits as an experiment and just see what I have after an hour or two.