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How we got asshole cheater

XXX pics How we got asshole cheater.

Thanks for reading this post! More recently, I write books, here and here host a podcast and you How we got asshole cheater look around the site to check out the retreats I host for women, as well as the private work and group classes I host.

I started dating right away. I was heartbroken, vulnerable, and yes, a little desperate. At first I met some nice, normal guys. I managed to find the guy that mirrored what I was: We were quite a pair.

It's extremely confusing because you...

And a few months into the relationship, he cheated on me. I remember crumbling in a heap in my bedroom the moment I found out. After the second time in a row being cheated on not to mention a very, very tumultuous relationshipI knew something was wrong with what I was doing.

Being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal. But, when it happened to me twice in a row, I was forced to take a long, hard look at myself, what I was choosing, what I was putting up with and what I learned. Here are some of the goodies I learned:.

Things cheating men and women...

I joined the club a long time ago! My wife moved back to the east coast with our two year old son to finish school. The plan for her was to finish school, move back to CA, and seek a good paying job. Her mother lived out there as well, so childcare was pretty much taken care of. The whole time she was out there she told me school was awesome, and she was doing good.

To make a long story short, her sister had told me that my then wife was living with another guy, dropped out of school, and pretty much neglected our son. I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I sought help from my folks, close friends, lawyers, and even stared down a couple of empty bottles of booze. I think I How we got asshole cheater told you this before, maybe. I got a lawyer, filed for divorce, and sought full custody of my son.

Cheating men who do nothing...

It was a drawn out lengthy court battle, and pretty much wiped my bank account clean. It sucks flying to the east coast to go to court, did 8 round trips. Some trips were fly in, go to court, fly back all in How we got asshole cheater same day. Draining physically, and mentally. It all paid off, and ended up working in my favor. I know all relationships do not work out, as I have witnessed amongst friends, and mine personally.

You have to have How we got asshole cheater mentality to move forward in life, instead of sitting down in the reeking shit your partner left you to sit in.

I commend you, Andrea. It takes a lot of guts to open up, and tell the world your personal stories. My story is similar, my ex led a double life, right in front of my nose though. Awesome for you that it worked out in your favor and that someone told you what was going on.

My sister was the one that uncovered it all for me too.

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