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Is being passive aggressive a bad thing

xXx Photo Galleries Is being passive aggressive a bad thing.

Here, we tell it to you straight: Sometimes a passive-aggressive comment can come off as a confrontation-like accusation, says cognitive behavioral therapist Alex Hedger.

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These questions are not only passive-aggressive, but they also put the other person on immediate defense. Who knows when you might need an ally to help you with the printer the morning of a big meeting?

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This type of passive aggression can manifest in small put-downs and insults, says clinical psychologist Dr. Being kind and making friends across the office can get you the inside scoop — in the event something great did happen for other co-workers, you can find out how and what you can do to get a similar perk.

Sometimes jealousy and passive-aggression combine.

Instead of being able to react the way you might want to happy for the personyou instead say something that just sounds, well, rude. And if you do catch yourself mid-sentence, take a step back and apologize.

On the other hand, sometimes saying nothing at all is passive-aggressive. Try to break this habit ASAP by not bringing your phone into meetings or putting it in your purse when a colleague approaches.

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A more active form of ignoring is procrastination. Rather than address the issue directly, you go out of your way to edge her out of the office clique. You might do this by inviting everyone on your team to lunch, except her, says Crowley.

Passive aggressive behavior is all...

When you do this, you can be sure she notices. Try to break yourself of this habit by including her, and you may find out you have something in common.

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A more extreme move related to leaving someone out is downright sabotaging her. Ben Michaelis, to absolve yourself of blame.

Why is it a bad...

You might feel, however subconsciously, jealous or that you lack her discipline or success, but try to fight this feeling. This week, pay attention to your behavior and try to modify it.

Are you being passive-aggressive without even knowing it? Here are seven ways to tell, including questions, statements, ignoring, sabotaging, etc.

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Are you being passive-aggressive at work but have no idea? You may be sabotaging your career.

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