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Drunk japanese girl on the train

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An enjoyable lifestyle in an elegant modern residence. A true international community welcomes you warmly. The people that have to stop and stand right after the first step off the train. I don't know maybe its a genetic defect in japan but when ever they cross threw a doorway they automatically stop the flow. Clods who try and squeeze into a space between two seated passengers when there is clearly not enough room for them. Oh, they're just getting back at the clods "who sit spread-eagled, taking up space for two or three.

Actually, these train seat designers didn't take into account that people have shoulders and arms. Sure, there's enough room for Drunk japanese girl on the train butts usually but if they all sit back, their shoulders are going to bump.

The other day there was this metabol guy, who must weigh twice as much as me, sitting, taking up half of the next seat. Heck, I wiggled my way in there! I'm not going to let half a seat go to waste! I take issue with the people Drunk japanese girl on the train try to make their way down the train carriages while the train is in motion, in an effort to save time out on the platform or for whatever reason, I say hard cheese and do my best to inconvenience them for a few seconds, cos that's all they're saving while they inconvenience everyone else who has to move out of the way.

These people ought to be sitting down with their seat belts fastened until the train comes to a complete stop.

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And where are the seat belts anyway? Isn't this supposed to be a safety country? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Incidentally, I meant the ones who make their way down the train carriageS i.

Yup, all of the above. But the ONE thing Drunk japanese girl on the train REALLY bugs me is the mouth-breathing middle-aged salary-men, with the bar-code comb-overs, the thick bifocals with the black bars on the top, who have cultivated their pinky-fingernails, and who proceed with nasal and ear cleansing en route, all the while sweating profusely. These are the guys who haven't quite made the promotion Drunk japanese girl on the train their vintage, always have their trouser-zipper about one-inch open with a shirt tail showing.

They have those hideous plastic-like slip-on pointy shoes, size 26cm or so, with Playboy rabbits for garnish, and often reek of whatever they ate at the izakaya the night before. Usually, after their nasal and ear ablutions they proceed to read porn, while scratching their privates.

Now, there's a way to start a Monday morning! Likewise people who do the same on normal seats ALL seats are priority seats as far as I'm concerned.

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Morons who try to walk through the carriage when there are far too many people to allow free movement. I once sat opposite a young nerdy guy who proceeded to stick each of his fingers up his nose in turn and then lick them. That was ultra gross. The general ignorance and rudeness of many Japanese when on the train, never saying 'sumimasen' when pushing past people.

It always makes me laugh when newcomers describe the Japanese as being "so polite" when in actual fact I think that they are some of the most selfish and desperately inconsiderate people around.

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I've been sick Drunk japanese girl on the train on a train, and I held it from Shinjuku to Nakano, ran out onto the platform and let rip into a garbage bin. But the number of times I have seen weak gross drunks spilling their nijikai all over the train carriage in front of them Idiots who stand in front of the door and don't get out of the way when people are trying to get out bugs me as well.

Also, I can tolerate most forms of poor personal hygiene just look or move awaybut odor just kills it for me - and I will move to another carriage when you have an exceptionally stinky person fouling up the air in a carriage. The mere existence of other people who have the audacity to be on MY train at the same time as me.

The same can be said of sidewalks and roads, too. Oh - and one more irk. The terrible pronunciation of Japanese place names by the American and British ladies who make the English announcements on trains. It Drunk japanese girl on the train me cringe. Where do they dig these people out of? I overheard some Japanese the other day mimicing the terrible pronunciation.

If there was ever an argument in favour of showering in the morning rather than the Japanese custom of bathing at night, a morning ride on the Saikyo-sen would be it. And what's more, they're actually being courteous to non-Japanese speaking tourists who would otherwise find placesnames difficult to understand.

Just as in London one may hear a Japanese announcer directing Japanese tourists to 'wimuburudon' or 'he-su-ro-'. I doubt if many Japanese would ridicule that pronunciation. Mothers who put their precious little year olds in seats that should be occupied by the elderly.

High school kids who sit down while a Silver hair is standing in front of them. It makes my blood boil. For me, 'gaijin' related gripes not sitting next to, staring at etc pale into insignificance compared to the Big Three above.

Actually, some Americans seem to provide a contender for the Big Three.

It seems that if there are two Americans having a 'private' conversation at the other end of the carriage, I can hear every single word they're saying or more accurately, bellowing: I seen many a Japanese eye roll in this situation!

Hikozaemon - I quite agree about the puking thing.

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I was on a train the other night and this young guy fell to his knees and chucked his guts up - on a pretty crowded train. A bright pink tidal wave of watery sick started spreading across the floor and it cleared a wide area. The people at the other end probably wondered what was going on - until they took a sniff He had the carriage to himself - even in rush hour.

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That guy can't have had seen a bath for months. He had a worse effect than a gaijin even would However, I have more annoyances to add:. Men trying to stare at you and at the same time, pretending they are not staring.

It's like, having their eyes nailed to you - most annoying.

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If I doze, their persistent staring does wake me up I'd rather not fall asleep anyway, but when the train trip takes hours it's difficult. It seems like, since the camera phone makes a noise while taking video doesn't, they are switching to video camera function.

What in Hell is wrong with these people?

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