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How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating

Sexy por pics How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating.

Minimum search word length is 3 characters - maximum search word length is 84 characters. I have alot of information about someone who has been cheating on his wife and I think she should know but I don't want How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating to know I told her. Have you tried talking to the person you know is cheating and telling him that you know he is cheating and that you would rather him tell her, but you are willing to do it if he doesnt?

If she knew what he has been up to the past 2 years she would not take him back. He has been seeing this woman for 15 out of the 19 years they have been married and this last time he went as far as filing for divorce and promising to marry the other woman.

He has hurt alot of people with his broken promises and I think if he really wants to stay with his wife he should come clean. I agree with you, so you basically have two choices, I mean obviously this isn't the first time for him, which is sad, it means he will never change, so you have two choices tell your friend, or let her find it out on her own, which one do you think you would want someone to do for you.

I know that I would be more upset with a friend for knowing and not telling me than telling me, but that is just me, you know this girl so what do you think she would be happier with? Knowing that you told her, and that she knows now, or finding out on her own?

I agree that she should know, but I am not friends with her, I am friends with him. The other woman is a friend of mine also. I just think enough is enough and I wish the wife would find out without either of them knowing I was the on who told her. Even though my girlfriend isn't innocent in all of this, I don't want to hurt her anymore than he already has.

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She has loved him for so long and he managed to fool all of us. I know for a fact if the wife knew she would not take him back and he deserves all the punishment she can dish out. My girlfriend really believed he loved her like he said, but now she knows that he just might love her but not enough. I just wish he could feel some of the pain he caused alot of innocent people who believed in him. It's a fine line. Do you think she wants to know? Do you think after he How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating as far as to file, that she has no clue?

What makes you think she will appreciate what you tell her? What makes you think it's your place to tell this woman?

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I'd stay out of it. It may seem easy to say, oh I'd want to know Yes I know he did, and he's a horse's butt for it. But maybe things are better left to let nature take its course. Believe me I have thought about it for a lond time and even though I don't know her that well, I just feel she deserves a much better life. I was the wife that got cheated on and I have been the other woman as well, and there's not alot of difference.

I guess I want to put him through as much pain as he has my friend. He always comes out it smelling like a rose while the rest of us feel like fertilizer. I know it's a dangerous thing and I don't want the wife to get hurt but I think she's been lied to long enough.

Even worse, a lot of women go into How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating and won't believe you anyways. That's what happened to me, and i lost my best friend and she is still with this cheater who is still cheating!!!!!!!!!!

Just be prepared for that, and be prepared to lose any kind of friendship you have with either of them. That said, I still think that everyone has the moral obligation to inform someone if they know they are being cheated on. Best of luck Orchid. How can you decide of when enough How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating enough and what is best for them?

I would doubt- his wife will leave him after she finds out.

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It will only give her more information to fight against him. He asks her for divorce- what are you planning to add to it? If he already works on it- information about another relationship he had in a court may put him in financial disadvantage. May be it is the best to let him worry about how he doing it. Your first task is to discover if it is any of your beezwax. If not, then buzz off. If it turns out to really be or even beeeee your problem, then you are morally free to consider skillful means.

I have seen quite a few movies where the anonymous mailing of manila envelopes with candid photos does the trick.

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I tend to think that whoever is lying through their teeth deserves to be exposed. Call me old fashioned. Unfortunatly he made it my business when he confided in me about the situation. I love him dearly as a friend, but he needs to understand that it's not funny to play with a persons emotions.

Knowing all that I do and knowing him like I do, he pretty much thinks what she don't know won't hurt her.

This is the 4th time he has left her and I think this time she realized alot more than the times before. If I told her she would hang him out to dry in every aspect she could which I know is cruel, but exactly the reality check he needs to make him understand what he has done to everyone.

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I cherish my friendship with him but my heart tells me to tell her so she can go on with her life. I just don't know how to do it without him knowing. Well- he will know! Are you doing it to help your girlfriend to get rid of his wife?

Think of how mad he can be- he can go back to his wife and leave your girlfriend just to punish both of you. Your girlfriend will not appritiate it. After what has happened, my girlfriend is done with it.

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She loves him and finally realizes that it's not the kind of relationship she wants to be in for the rest of her life. He has already gone back to his wife and doesn't intend to tell her How to anonymously tell someone their spouse is cheating, because he knows if he does this will be it as she has made that clear. It just really hurts me to know that he thinks he has gotten away with hurting so many people, and I guess in some way I feel I need to clear my conscience.

I have discussed with my girlfriend about telling the wife, and she has told me it was up to me that our relationship would not change. She doesn't want to hurt him like I don't want to, but he needs to be taught a lesson.

I feel do torn between doing the right thing and my friendship with him.

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What he told you and how you see this situation can be far away from what happening in reality. You don't know what is going on between him and his wife and what on his and her mind.

This is no right or wrong thing to do.

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If you are his friend, he should be able to trust you. If he ask you to talk to his wife for him, you can. If he will not- let him figure ut out. Also- we are not in a position to teach any one lessons.