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Problem with dating a hot girl

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Ok, so maybe the title of this article offended you. You are thinking "screw this person who wrote it because they don't know what it's like to be unattractive. In terms of dating, overly attractive people actually have it a lot worse when it comes to how they navigate their dating life. If you think Problem with dating a hot girl it, if you are slightly or severely below average, then at least you will attract those who can appreciate your character and personality.

Though your options may be more limited, your options will carry more weight and those who reciprocate your feelings for them will know that your relationship is not superficial. Attractive people can sometimes have it harder when it comes to their dating life because you never know if people are just into your looks, or if they are actually interested in you as a person.

The dating scene can be very difficult to navigate and it is best to put some people in the friend zone until they have proven themselves.

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Though no one in life has it easy no matter where you stand on the scale, dating doesn't get easier for attractive singles anymore than it does for their lesser attractive counterparts. There are certain obstacles that need Problem with dating a hot girl be overcome when the mask of youth and beauty fade away. Too many options can be overwhelming when multiple people are texting you at the same time.

They say variety is the spice of life but really Getting to know different people can make you Problem with dating a hot girl attracted to them in different ways. Each dude might have what the other one is lacking and it can be hard to make a final decision on who gets to be your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Even if you have your priorities in gear and dating isn't the pinnacle of your life, your time and energy are limited. It would just be easier to narrow in on one guy but it's harder when you have alternatives in case one doesn't work out. It is hard to shake the mindset of "oh well, I don't have to put all my eggs in one basket.

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When you are meeting up for drinks with a guy, he might hear your phone vibrate and assume that it is just another dude trying to hit you up and Problem with dating a hot girl assumption is usually right. Then he might bail just because he just doesn't want to deal with the competition. He might just assume "she's out of my league and some stud is going to steal her away from me. Your girlfriend might get jealous and accuse you of flirting. If you meet anyone on Tinder, they might just not have their full investment in you because they know were you met them in the first place: They know that if you aren't invested in them right off the bat, that you will just jump back on the Tinder horse and ride away.

If you are a hot girl and wear anything just subtly sexy but still try to maintain a level of classyou will attract more attention whether you like it or not. You might attract as much attention as someone who is dressed too scantily clad or borderline skanky who is of average looks.

If you are at a certain Problem with dating a hot girl of hot, catcalls are probably just something you are completely desensitized by at a certain point in your life. There are some men with a chauvinistic attitude that might ask you inappropriate and personal questions about you.

Oftentimes, they fail to see the substance of your character and look at you as nothing more than a human Barbie doll batting her eyelashes. You might be called "honey" or "sweetie" more often than not. The worst is when they tell you to smile even if you are having the worst day of your life. If a guy's intentions is nothing more than just getting laid, then he might tell you whatever you want to hear in order to get into your pants.

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If you are very attractive, he might be even more persistent about it than if you weren't that high in the looks department. He might pretend to take an interest in your opinions, thoughts, hobbies or goals in life even if he could really care less. Even if you bore him to death and if he doesn't even feel like he has anything in Problem with dating a hot girl with you, it will all be worth it if he can do the dirty deed. Hell, even if he doesn't even like you as a person, he still might pretend to be interested in you as a person.

This is when the blow hits really hard the most: Players are players and they get away with sleeping with as many women as possible for one reason only: They see what they want, and have the balls to go after it full throttle. To them, there is always something better on the horizon and a hotter girl to meet in the future. He is always aiming the highest for the hottest girl he can find. When he gets bored, he will find another girl who is even hotter than the next.

Many of them don't even have to be all that good-looking in order to bed many different women.

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Some of them use their money, power and status to their advantage. If you are hot, you will meet this type of guy many times throughout your life. Lesser attractive girls will get passed over on inspection when it comes to garnering the player's attention. So many women have been hurt many times throughout their life by guys who just Problem with dating a hot girl like them enough to date them. Many of them become jaded and will have their guard up when it comes to dating.

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If you are a very handsome dude who genuinely just wants a girlfriend without the games, women might treat you with caution. They will be hesitant to become involved with you because of past hurts. The hotter you are, the more likely they will get hurt again in their minds. This is especially true if you have played the field before but now you are done playing the games. If women know about your past history, they could very well get insecure and just assume that they are just another notch in your belt.

In this case, you will have to go out of your way to prove how much you really mean to them. Your partner might feel like they are constantly having to look over their shoulder and if they get insecure, it can get ugly. They might monitor your social media and take certain likes or comments out of context and mistake it for some kind of Problem with dating a hot girl. If it is apparent that you have attractive exes and they see those old pictures on Facebook, you will probably be asked to take them down immediately.

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If you are hot, then friends and coworkers can be seen as opportunities for you to step outside of the relationship and cheat.

Though jealousy is often paired with insecurity, having any attractive members of the opposite sex in your life if you are hot will pose a huge problem. If you are not attractive, your partner can just believe that those people in your life are out of your league anyways. The hotter you are, the more often men are going to try to sleep with you.

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So that means that any compliment, nice gesture or favor that they do for you might be looked upon with suspicion. You might wonder are they just doing this because this person is genuinely nice or because I'm attractive and he wouldn't do this for me if I wasn't.

If you are approached by a guy in public, you will automatically have to assume he is talking to you because you are hot well, that is just a given.

Sometimes, when you accomplish something yourself, you have to wonder: The perfect example would be a promotion or a raise if you have a male boss. It is best not to overanalyze it. This one is probably the toughest reason on the list to have to put up with in your dating life.

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If you get into a relationship with a guy who just got out of a relationship and you are hot, then heartbreak is just around the corner. Initially, he will be thrilled to be with a girl who is even hotter than his ex. He might post many pictures of you and him on social media.

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You might think, "wow he must be really into me. He is showing you off to all of his friends and family just for the ego boost.

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You might have to listen to him go on and on about his ex in many conversations. Then you realize that he treated her like a princess and you are just chopped liver. When it comes time to make a commitment, he will bail because he will realize that he still has feelings for his ex.

The worst role to play if you are hot is being his prop to make her jealous. The guys that you want to attract will be intimidated by you Problem with dating a hot girl your supernatural good looks. The Problem with dating a hot girl down-to-earth a guy is, he will know his limits when it comes to how hot of a woman he can attract. He will be realistic about his options and assume that you are simply just out of his league.

Little does he know, that you would love to be with a guy like him especially since you are more prone to attract cocky players. As a female, it is hard to make the first move and approach a guy without coming off as needy or desperate. It is always assumed that guys are the ones to make the first move. If the guy isn't egotistical or arrogant, he might be very intimidated by you because of your beauty.

Many guys feel powerless in the presence of beautiful women because of their fear of rejection. The best way to counteract this is to be more approachable. Maybe dress down a bit and smile more.

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