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Asian guy on glee

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First of all, Harry, we are beside ourselves with joy that you have a line this week!

Or … this week! So why is this week the special week?

Harry Shum Jr. is jokingly...

Um, I think it just felt right for the writers to involve me and Dijon [Talton]. Whoa, so he talks too?!

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And the boots are nuts! We did a lot more dancing than Kiss would have.

According to the Hollywood Reporter,...

So how did you end up in a recurring role? And the next thing I know, my manager called me and told me to go to rehearsal the next week, so I did, and then it just kept going. How did you get into dance in the first place?

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In high school, I saw our dance team perform, and for some reason seeing them dance just made me really happy. We all marvel at how bendy you are. Did it take you a while to figure out how to use your body?

He is an actor, known...

Maybe they find the song annoying. I think people are more upset than I am.

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I think it was on Twitter that I first realized people were calling me that. And I knew it was going to be a phrase — people will know me as that for however long. Do you encounter groupies with any regularity?

Harry Shum, Jr.

It was weird, I was eating at a restaurant with my family, and three different tables were taking pictures of me eating. Even my actual real name! Your tap-dancing duet with Jenna Ushkowitz last week was incredibly charming.

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We almost sensed romance vibes? It would be very interesting if it did happen!

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I know the writers do things for a reason, or sometimes they throw it out there to see what the response is. But it would be fun. I actually had absolutely no tap skills; I put on tap shoes for the first time two days before. Having to Asian guy on glee sure you make rhythms and not just be visual, and to rely not just on myself, was really different.

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I … like whipped cream? Commenter ArtStruck noticed that Matthew Morrison seems to like you a lot — we all enjoyed your dance-off on Oprah. Will we see your relationship with Mr.

Schue evolving on the show? I hope so, man; I love that guy. The other characters are series regulars, so they are signed on for everything, and the rest of us are still, you know, anything can happen.

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