Why do you need Senior Dog Food for your Pet?

It has been deemed unfortunate that the one you raised as your own tend to have smaller life span than you do. Your pets would become an integral part of your family. In case, you own a dog, you should be aware of that your pet would have approximately eight to nine years of life span. However, it would be similar to a person belonging to senior citizen category. Despite the appearance of the dog, you should be rest assured that he has grown old. Therefore, when the dog gets old, you should start changing his diet as well. Your pet would not be able to have the same food as he could in his younger days. He would need senior dog food.

Well balanced diet for older dogs

When it comes to older dogs, you should provide them with a well-balanced diet. Their diet should be lower in calories, protein and fat or high fiber content. However, changing the food habits of your dog may not be as easy as you think. You may have been providing your dog with a similar diet all these years. However, changing the diet should be done slowly to help him acclimatize to the changes. It would be pertinent that you provide the dog with smaller portions in the beginning. In few cases, specifically formulated senior dog food would be needed in case you choose commercially prepared dog food, where the level of protein would be approximately 18%. It would be pertinent to mention here that in most cases, dogs suffering from renal failure have been known to intake approximately 14% of protein.

Risk of developing constipation

It would be pertinent to mention here that older dog would hav a higher risk of developing constipation. Therefore, you should not give your dog with high fibre diet. You should feed your dog with dry dog food. It would help you control the tartar build up on his teeth. It would also reduce the risk of various kinds of gum diseases.

Finding senior dog food online

It would be pertinent to mention here that you should search for senior dog food online. You may have a number of options available with your in the form of yellow pages and word of mouth, but you should prefer online search. It would help you compare various pet stores on a single platform without you stepping out of your house.