What’s Manuka Honey why is It Special?

Manuka honey is really a monofloral honey that’s predominantly created in a few regions of Nz. It differs from others kinds of honey since the bees source the pollen and nectar almost entirely in the flowers of Manuka Trees (Leptospermum Scoparium). These trees are carefully associated with the Tea Trees and occur naturally throughout Nz and southeast Australia but they are particularly common in high densities within the drier eastern seaside part of the North Island of recent Zealand.

As with other honey varieties, Manuka Honey demonstrates anti-microbial qualities caused by the existence of peroxide and also the natural acidic pH. Some batches from the honey have shown additional anti-microbial activity unique to Manuka variety this extra trait continues to be termed the initial Manuka Factor (UMF). This UMF continues to be Manuka Honey’s claim that they can fame. Top quality honey that demonstrates this special trait is recognized as medicinal grade honey and it has been proven in laboratories tests to kill even antibiotic resistant microbes.

Regular versus UMF Active Honey

Not every Manuka Honey offers the special UMF trait. An example of every batch from the honey must undergo rigorous laboratory testing to find out in the event that batch demonstrates any antiseptic qualities in addition to individuals related to the peroxide and acidic pH. No more than 10% of all of the batches created are discovered to be UMF active. A load created within an area in a single season might be UMF active along with a batch created within the same area the following year might not be UMF active. It’s not obvious why only a few batches in certain seasons get the special UMF activity. All batches of honey which do show UMF activity are termed UMF Manuka Honey or Healing Honey while individuals batches that do not develop any UMF activity are termed regular honey. You should appreciate this distinction when choosing this special honey for therapeutic use.

UMF Honey Association

In order to standardize laboratory testing and safeguard consumers from counterfeit products, the Manuka industry in Nz created the UMF Manuka Honey Association (UMFMHA). All producers of the honey are needed to become licensed with this association. The UMFMHA maintains examples of each batch of honey created and performs testing on every batch via a 3rd party to look for the UMF activity within the batch. Furthermore, the association also sets guidelines on labeling of relevant products to make sure an easy and standardized label format. Generally this format dictates that active manuka honey products must have a UMF adopted with a number (from 1 to twenty) around the label.

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