What Are The Different Types Of Cardio Machines Available In Market

Cardio is an essential part of a workout regime. Cardio exercises help in reducing unwanted fat from the body, improving heart functioning and prepares one for weight training. Due to these benefits of cardio exercise, one can find several types of cardio machines in the gym or any fitness center. These machines not only accelerate your heart rate and stamina but also exercise your body parts such as legs, hands, etc.

Types of cardio machines

There are different types of cardio machines, main ones are treadmills, rowing machines, spinning bikes, elliptical trainers, assault air bike, and exercise bikes.


The treadmill is the commonest form of cardio equipment and one of the best cardio machines. A treadmill is used for walking as well as running. With speed adjustment feature, one can increase or decrease the speed according to one’s capacity.

Regular running or brisk walking on the treadmill helps in shedding excess of fat from the body. Commonly found and used treadmills works on electricity. These treadmills are powered by an AC Motor or a DC Motor.

Spinning Bikes:

Spinning Bikes are also popularly called as indoor cycles that give the benefits of cycling at the comfort of your place.  The best part of this equipment is that it does not require electricity, and uses body’s energy to create resistance.

There is a recent introduction of bikes in the market, and that is magnetic resistance. The advantage of magnetic resistance is reduced wear and tear on the bike. Spinning bikes are the great way to strengthen your thighs and make it toned.


Elliptical machine is the one that gives concurrent push-pull movement to your lower and upper body. To increase the intensity and make it vigorous of the exercise, one needs to increase the resistance.

This exercise also provides a minimum compressive force on the bones and joints. So, people who have problems with their joint or bones can easily perform on these machines without any worries.

Exercise Bikes:

Exercise bikes or upright bikes have been used since a couple of years and would be there for many years to come. They are popular cardio equipment that does not take much space and is also quite affordable. These bikes run without electricity and give a good level of legs exercise.

The inclusion of cardio in your daily workout program is very beneficial. Ensure that you do sufficient exercise on these cardio machines for best results.