Top Reasons to See an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are highly respected and trained in their field and they spend many additional years specialising in the diagnosis, prevention, and subsequent treatment of dental irregularities. Such professionals work hard to correct your misaligned teeth, adjust bites and jaws, and straighten teeth that grew in crooked. Booking an appointment with a highly-trained professional such as this should help you get your teeth back to their original or proper position in no time at all.

Orthodontists and dentists share a number of similarities as they both work with their patients to achieve improved oral health, but the specialisation is the key difference. Consider your normal dentist on the same level as your family doctor with all the training to find and treat most oral conditions. However, he or she cannot perform the type of highly-specific treatments needed to address certain malformations of the teeth and misalignments of the jaw.

Orthodontist in Melbourne complete three additional years of full-time university experience added to their general dental degree just to earn the title of “orthodontist.” In addition to this extra education, these professionals spend their entire career working solely in orthodontics, meaning that they have likely experienced hundreds of cases such as yours. With this advanced knowledge, it should be fast and simple to treat the problems with your teeth and jaw.


Many adults reach their twenties and thirties without addressing the problems they have with their teeth and jaws. The smile is one of the first things strangers see when they meet and you cannot afford to miss out on a great chance to make a good first impression. Straight teeth have a big role in the way you perceive your smile as well as how it is perceived by others.

Getting your smile healthy should not only help you feel more confident but there are many new realignment options other than the bulky option of braces. Straighter teeth can also make brushing your teeth more effective and it simplifies flossing significantly. For many, the choice not to floss is due to the simple fact that they have trouble getting around crooked teeth.

Physical Benefits

There are a number of physical benefits an orthodontist can help you enjoy such as correcting bad bites that can damage your gums and teeth. If you have protruding or misaligned teeth, it can be simpler than you think to create room in your mouth for a correction. Gaps in your teeth, speech impediments, chewing issues, and far more could be one treatment away from correction, which is something that some adults incorrectly believe to be impossible.

An orthodontist can also help find the source of and find a great treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea. If your child has a persistent thumb or finger sucking habit, such a professional can even help you work through your options to avoid your child developing an overbite or underbite. If such a thing is too late to prevent, your specialist can offer a number of corrective solutions that are easy to consider and never complex.