Things About Visiting A Reputed Medical Spa

Wondering what’s a medical spa? In layman terms, it is the hybrid between a regular spa and a medical clinic. It’s important to understand that med spas are not medical centers of hospitals. These just offer a pool of services and treatments that are supervised by a medical expert or doctor. Besides beauty and spa massages, such as facials along with makeup services, you can also expect other treatments, including hormone replacement therapy and nutritional counseling. Check some of the other aspects below about a medical spa Jacksonville FL.

  • First things first, don’t expect med spas to offer treatments for diseases. These may offer a few of the cosmetic medical services, but there’s no direct assistance on ailments. The range of services offered by these med spas can be very different. One clinic may deal with laser therapy, while another one might just offer tooth whitening. The concept can be really large, especially with regards to services and treatments.

  • Med spas are run and managed by medical experts like Anthony Capasso in most cases, while some might have in-house doctors and cosmetic surgeons. It all depends on the nature of the treatment. However, as a patient, you should get all the information, including pros and cons, from the doctor. When you seek an appointment, talk to the doctor or medical expert directly, instead of the staff.
  • Some treatments may need frequenting sessions, and hence, it’s wise to know the business hours of the clinic. It’s also wise to know the overall costs of the treatment, which can vary. Instead of settling for discounts, it’s best to choose a clinic that stands for its services and has good reputation in the industry.

Experts also advise patients to check the beauty and makeup services offered by the clinic, so that one can get a comprehensive package, as needed.