The Different Types of Body Wrap Spa Procedures You Can Take

Spa treatments give the best relaxation to a person. Body wraps spa treatments is a popular way to detox, tone, hydrate, and slim the body. There are several different types of body wraps offered at spas and salons today. Learning about these different types would help you enjoy maximum benefits from this beneficial therapy.

Types of body wraps

Body wrap differs on the basis of various factors that are described below:

Depending on the material

Some wraps are made using fabric, elastic bands, plastic, or a form of garment that is wrapped precisely around the body. This can be a cocoon or mummy material that is used with seaweed, algae, clay, mud, cream, herbal compounds, lotion or minerals, to promote significant inch loss in the body.

Some of the popular types of body wraps are algae wrap, mud wrap, clay wrap, cellulite treatment wrap, herbal wrap, seaweed and compression.

Every material has unique properties such as anti-stress, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, etc. that purifies and relaxes the skin. This method also enhances the texture of skin and is helpful in eliminating toxins from the body.


Different types of body wraps perform different functions. Some body wrap hydrate your skin while others soothe and relax your muscles. There are body wraps made from specific ingredients that have the properties to reduce inflammation and remove toxins by way of sweating. Due to sweating, a person becomes slim by reducing excess inches from the body.

What is the procedure?

Body wrap treatment is performed through a series of steps. Spa nordique de Montréal offers quality body wraps treatment for people of different age groups. Here all these steps are done under the constant supervision of highly experienced skin experts and professionals.

Under this treatment, the desired solution such as mud or clay, etc. is spread all over the body. Once this is done, a person is properly wrapped in thermal blankets or heated bandages.

Now the person is made to lay down on the surface. The heated body wrap gently works by relaxing each and every muscle in the body. It opens up the pores that cause one to sweat. Once the process is completed, unwrapping of these wraps is done. A person has to properly rinse and moisturize their body to make their skin clean and soft.

Regular body wraps spa treatments from an experienced professional goes a long way in keeping your body healthy, fit and relaxed.