Study Shows Feet Reflexology “Cures” Discomfort

Feet reflexology has lengthy been considered as a good method to treat discomfort of any sort. Actually, using reflexology can relieve discomfort within seconds.

One good reason why it’s so effective happens because reflexology causes your mind to dump endorphins (your own body’s natural discomfort killer) in to the region of discomfort.

Besides reflexology improve your endorphins levels, additionally, it increases the circulation in discomfort, thus giving you better body’s capability to recover faster.

Lately, I stumbled upon an amazing study done on reflexology and shoulder discomfort. The research says 50 plusPercent of those had “cured” their discomfort condition using reflexology. WOW!

The research was conducted on 39 people (ages varying from 49 to 58) who’d shoulder discomfort and limited movement within the arm and shoulder. These were administered feet reflexology treatments. In the completing treatment, 22 people have been “cured” (discomfort disappeared and also the arm and shoulder could move freely) and 17 people had reduced amounts of discomfort and considerably improved the mobility within the arm and shoulder.

The So Known as “Magic” of Reflexology

Countless occasions at my office, I’ve come across the so known as magic of feet reflexology. I’m always surprised about how effective it’s at removing discomfort and improving mobility. It always impresses me how good reflexology works best for this.

Heart Felt Discussing

Probably the most impressive instances was whenever a lady came for reflexology to assist together with her shoulder. For many years, she was unable to lift her arm up which had caused her many problems. After only one reflexology session beside me, she obtained full-range mobility. (I have to admit, this really amazed me it happened so quick.)

She am elated about her experience that they sent me an e-mail discussing the profound healing that happened on her. Her email is really beautiful, which i requested her basically could share it along with you.

Here’s what she authored:

“I needed by way of thanking you again in my first reflexology session Friday… I’m Able To LIFT MY RIGHT ARM OVER MY Mind. I haven’t had the ability to lift my arm for many years!!!! Also, Personally i think less stressed and also have been laughing all day long… I had been skeptical and also you switched me right into a believer.”

I get a hot glow within my heart each time I just read her email. It’s very rewarding to understand that you simply helped someone.

Get Into the Game

Not just is reflexology ideal for shoulders, but it’s also effective for neck, back, sides, knees, and elbows.

Just recently, a gentleman who had been struggling with back discomfort and may barely move, could play in the hockey game a couple of hrs after his reflexology session. He am pleased to be feeling great again and play in the favorite sport.

Looking for a wellness center that offers foot reflexology Singapore? Well, you can find many options online, but make sure that you book your appointment in advance. Also, the other services offered by the same spa center might interest you.