Laser Genesis Treatment – Bring Younger Looking Skin And Say Bye To Skin Problems!

When it comes to treating large pores, wrinkles, splotchy redness on the skin, Laser Genesis is indeed the best way out. It comes with great benefits and that is the main reason why it is more preferred option than other invasive alternatives. If you too are the one that want to enhance your skin’s texture and tone, you can be a good candidate for this treatment.

This treatment can be equally effective over all areas including neck and body. Plus, this treatment can be best suitable to men as well as women.

What you can expect out of this treatment?

Laser Genesis is one of the safest ways to treat fine lines, scars, redness, etc and it is non-invasive procedure as well. Most of the patients describe this treatment as relaxing and therapeutic. During this treatment, you may experience gentle warming sensation, but one it is finished, you can easily return to your daily chores.

This treatment makes use of the laser energy to heat your upper dermis that is beneath the surface of your skin. It stimulates production of the body’s natural collagen and in this way, gradually reduces appearance of undesirable skin conditions. The laser even produces heat in the dilated capillaries that ultimately reduces undesirable redness on your face, neck, or on any other body part.

How safe is Laser Genesis?

Generally, this treatment is performed with YAG laser which is the same laser wavelength that is used for treating dark skin for the laser hair removal. It is safe for mostly all the types of skin and is in fact ideal for the medium and light skin tones. The slow as well as even increase of temperature makes this treatment very comfortable, safe, as well as effective for the treatment on neck, face, and décolleté.

While some people notice immediate results, it overall depends on your body chemistry. Every individual has its own unique body chemistry. So, depending on it, you may even notice results over few weeks or months.

Moreover, this treatment is used to treat cells that are deep within skin. So, it may take time for the cells to make it well to surface. However, you will start noticing diminishing of scarring, redness, fine lines, as well as uneven skin texture.

If you too are fed up of those unwanted fine lines and wrinkles surrounding your skin, make sure to opt for Laser Genesis now! Make an appointment at Mona Esthetics and be ready to see miracles!