A Guide to 2017 Hair Trends

Hair fashion changes with the wind, and this year is set to be the year of the natural look, with sleek, straight styles becoming dominant on the catwalk. Colour is everywhere, so expect to see lots of highlights, and with hair extensions, there is no limit to what you can do. Here are some of the hot styles you can expect to see in all the best places this year.

Hair Extensions

They come in all lengths, colours, and indeed textures, and many women have fallen in love with a look that is easily created and lasts for months. Ideal for the winter, hair extensions must be professionally applied, with a leading studio like Hair Solved, who have branches throughout the UK. The obvious attraction for short haired women is that you can achieve that long hair look overnight, and with clip on extensions, you are free to switch from long to short when the fancy takes you.

Long and Straight

This sleek and shiny look will continue to be evident at prominent social events, and while we aren’t all blessed with the right type of hair, extensions will work just fine. This trend is gaining momentum and should still be around next year, and if you have always thought your hair type is unsuitable, go with the extensions and you won’t regret it.

Short, Stylish Bobs

If you prefer short hair, the layered bob cut is all the rage at the moment, with lots of deep red and blue hints, and for a medium length cut, the windswept look is in. This can easily be created with the right hair products, and your hairdresser can give you some tips on how to create a wilderness look.

The High Ponytail

If you have long hair, you can pull this one off, and with either a rumpled texture or straight up, it adds a touch of elegance to any outfit. If you pull your hair tight, it also stretches your facial skin, which can remove unsightly wrinkles, and this style works for women with oval shaped faces.

Growing Out Shag

This is the style that will dominate this year, and as the layers grow out, you almost have a combination hairstyle. Last year saw the shaggy look making a comeback, and with the new layers of hair emerging, it is perfect timing to leave it exactly as it is, with perhaps a fringe trim and snipping the ends.

Extra Long Extensions

Rihanna has made her mark with this seductive style, and it works well with other shades apart from jet black. If you are considering this style, it is best to consult a studio that specialises in extra-long extensions, as the correct application is essential. The latest generation of human hair extensions can be washed and treated just as normal hair, and if you have an active lifestyle, long extensions will not be an issue.


The up and coming year will see lots of colour, and with natural looking, long hair styles making their mark, extensions will be the preferred platform. On the short side, traditional bobs with a hint of colour give a professional look for the modern businesswoman.