A Complete Guide on the Forskolin Supplements

The Forskolin supplements can be a great nutritional option for those people, who are experiencing various health issues. It is also called as Coleus and can be classified as root extract of the coleus plant. This specific plant has been used in ayurvedic herbal remedy from many decades in various parts of the world.

Dr Oz Forskolin Supplements

The garden variety coleus plant grows all around the world. The various uses of forskolin supplements include

  • To treat various skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  • To soothe the irritable bowel syndrome.
  • To clear up the bladder and various urinary tract infection.
  • To treat various respiratory disorders and conditions like allergies and asthma. The chemical compounds found in forskolii plant have been used to treat various health conditions like hypertension and angina. Some of the additional uses of these supplements include impotence caused by the erectile dysfunction, to treat insomnia and some types of cancer.

Benefits of the Forskolin Supplements

The compounds included in the coleus plant have been researched by various universities and medical organizations. It has also been used to treat various heart conditions like idiopathic congestive cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. In the asthma attacks, you can use the forskolin to cure bronchospasms. In the form of eye drops, forskolin supplements can also been used to treat intraocular pressure of eye, which is usually associated with glaucoma.

The functioning of forskolin leads to the dilation or relaxation of blood vessels. It helps in improved circulation, reduction in blood pressure, great oxygenation and the delivery of nutrients to the cells, organs and body’s muscles. The forskolin supplements can initiate various properties of the adenylate cyclase that causes increase in the production of adenosine, which in turn can be responsible for various physiological effects on the cellular processes like metabolism.

Safety Guide for Forskolin Supplements

The forskolin supplements are comparatively considered as safe, when taken appropriately and under the supervision of a health professional. However, you should use it for short term as its effects in the long run have still not been studied. Nursing or pregnant women should also avoid any herbal remedy or GNC supplements without discussing it with their personal doctors.


The appropriate dosage of a supplement depends not only on the age, but also on various physical conditions and health issues. It is important that you first talk to your health professional before taking any such supplement.